Radley London


Last weekend I attended a Tea Party at Belk in SouthPark Mall hosted by the British brand Radley London.

We sipped tea and nibbled on scones while the Radley mascot, a Scotty dog waited for us to drop a crumb or two.

We learned all about this brand from their beautiful Representative Chelsea Banford.

Picture Bags like the one shown above are their most popular sellers.

Each bag tells a story. English gardens with Radley running about and even an ode to the recent coronation are played out on the front of many bags.

Fun colors and designs, classic tones and even some evening bag options ensure there’s something for everyone.

The leather on this gorgeous silver evening bag was like BUTTA!

I even found a bag that perfectly coordinated with the dress I was wearing.

Even their more tailored bags feature Radley!

Can you ‘Spot the Scott’?

Look closer!

Radley the dog embodies the company’s respect for British humor and eccentricity.

It was a lovely afternoon and I enjoyed every second of it. I look forward to adding a piece of Radley London to my bag collection soon!


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