The Devil Wears Florals


We all remember that iconic line from Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, making us forever uncomfortable wearing florals in springtime.

The Spanish Luxury House Loewe went toe to toe with the devil herself on the runway of their Spring ‘23 show.

The show centred around the Anthurium flower and was dubbed “Natural Fake”.

Jonathan Anderson, creative director for Loewe, said after the show “I like this idea of something in nature that looks fake but is real.”

Shoes also played a big part in the show.

From life sized anthurium flower and leaf to deflated balloons, Anderson had his models stepping out to battle Miranda Priestly in style.

“I kind of like that they could be petals or shells. There’s an interesting movement to them. All the shoes were engineered in a way that they are not as they seem, or they have incredible function” he said.

I think it’s safe to say in the battle of the florals between Miranda Priestly and Loewe, Jonathan Anderson made sure Loewe came out on top!


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