Getting Personal


By Designer Diva & Careese Vault Magazine

When I think of hiring a Personal Shopper I immediately picture multiple dollar signs.

I was skeptical about the experience being for the average person.

Southpark is known as a luxury mall. I assumed it would be very expensive.

Suzanne Libfraind, the Lifestyle Specialist at Southpark Mall, and her client Debbie Henry allowed me to tag along on their shopping excursion.

The mall covers the cost for the first three hours.


We began with a consultation in Suzanne’s office. Since Debbie is a return customer, Suzanne is aware of the clothing she already owns. She actually comes from out of state for these services.


Up next we hit the sales floor and Suzanne, with her trained eye, finds just the right looks for her client.

Many things come into play in her clothing choices. Budget, how these items will mix and match and coordinate with her existing wardrobe and their ability to transition from one season to another.


Every item is chosen with purpose. The client has to like it and feel comfortable wearing it.

The material must be quality and last from season to season.

Everything is chosen to mix and match with each other.

Suzanne will take a look and find the best pieces for whatever budget her client has.

We also learned styling secrets along the way.

Sleeve lengths, pocket placements and necklines all come into play when creating a flattering look.

All of my skepticism flew out of the window.

I learned so much throughout this experience.

The Personal Shopping experience can benefit everyone and is more affordable than you think.


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