Who Runs The World? GIRLS!


Neiman Marcus celebrated Women’s History Month with a panel of some of the most powerful women in Charlotte.

The store itself is female owned and a majority of its employees are female. From the boardroom to the sales floor, women are the majority

It was co-founded in 1907 by Carrie Marcus Neiman, 13 years before she even had the right to vote.

A large number of designers they carry are also female owned.

So it’s only fitting that they host something for Women’s Month.

The OHmazing Ohavia Phillips moderated as the three panelist spoke about Women Writing Their Own Stories.

These Queens of the Queen City covered four main points:

1. Driving passions

2. Biggest Risk

3. Setbacks

4. What women need to thrive

Diane Bailey:
Managing Director, National Philanthropic Exec of Bank Of America

Bailey believes in Passion in Purpose. Love what you do. Her biggest risk came when she gave up her law license and took on a philanthropic role.

When she encounters setbacks she suggests you should have a tribe to keep you grounded and hold you accountable. Meditation is also key.

She believes what women need to thrive is more women together, networking in the same room.

Nurture the relationships with women

Diane Bailey ended with these words, “Save space for grace”.

Sonya Barnes:
Internationally Certified Life & Wellness Coach for Sr. executive women

Sonya’s driving passion is lifting women up and helping them grow.

Her biggest risk came after quitting her corporate job and becoming an image consultant.

She then Rebranded to her current position as a Life and Wellness Coach.

During any setback she also recommends you have a tribe of supportive women around you.

She believes what women need to thrive is each one reach one teach one. We should all help other women grow.

She left us with these powerful words, “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”.

That is the key to growing.

Liz Hilliard:
Creator and Owner of Hilliard Studio Method

Her driving passion was Fueled by insecurity. She took her weakness and turned it into success.

When asked what was her greatest risk she replied “Every risk is a learning tool. Love your own passion. Own yourself.”

She overcomes obstacles by changing ‘I can’t’ to ‘I’ll do what I can you improve.’

Attack them head on.

Empowerment is key to women thriving.

So many of the things these ladies said really struck a cord with me.

The room was full of inspiration. Girls really do run the world!

We were left with an OHmazing message from Ohavia, who has long been my personal Spiritual Gangster:

You’re not what you do, you’re valuable for who you are,

You are the head and not the tail

You are above and not beneath

You are the lender and not the borrower

It’s just who you are….


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