Dapper Dan X Puma


Well, Dapper Dan is at it again.

Last month I brought you his collab with Gap.

This month he launched his second collab with the brand Puma.

On January 14 they dropped five products ranging from $70 to $300.

A DDP monogrammed take on the classic Clyde sneaker is a standout favorite.

In addition to the shoe, the Dapper Dan x Puma collection will include two t-shirts in cream or Forrest green.

Also included is this elaborate embroidered tracksuit.

Then we have a reversible padded jacket with rhinestone-lined logos on one side and a colorful illustration of the PUMA on the other.

And in true Dapper Dan fashion, he has left his mark on the Puma Brand.

Dap has redone the PUMA jet’s interior with the collaborative PUMA x Dapper Dan print.

I’m looking forward to his next collection and collab. In the meantime, in the worlds of my dear friend LeMond Hart, “Stay Dapper My Friends”.


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