On Golden Swan


Someone pinch me!!! This is by far the most amazing experience I’ve had during my blogging career.

Being a lover of all things Fashion, I was addicted to the show Project Runway.

One participant in particular has always been my favorite.

Last week I got to meet him!

Christian Siriano came to Belk at Southpark Mall in Charlotte to launch his collab with Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans, another favorite of mine.

I spend most of my high school days with a golden swan on my derrière.

This makes this collab even more special to me.

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans launched the first styles from its two-year partnership with Siriano—a contemporary take on archival designs that includes jeans, dresses and tops available in sizes 26-34 as well as petite and extended sizing

The Fall ‘22 line features key silhouettes such as a belted trench coat, vest, mini dress, wide-leg trouser and a belted coverall.

CFDA Award winner Soriano, who studied in London under Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, put his own spin on this retro classic denim line.

He even has his own fragrance!

After his presentation we had the opportunity to take pictures and speak with him and SHOP!

I brought home a denim blazer which is very flattering on me and I can’t wait to style it!

Now, Siriano has designed some amazing pieces in his life.

One in particular has always been my favorite. I had the chance to speak with him about it.

I asked “Did you have any idea at the time, how huge the impact had on fashion, and on the entire world, when you dressed Billy Porter in the Ballgown for the Oscars?”

Soriano replied “This was one for the history books I think.”

It truly was a history making moment.

He continued “It was a very organic thing that just happened to the world. But it was very needed and really great and I think a lot of young people hopefully feel like they can wear what they want to wear and be who they want to be.”

This designer stands out for many reasons. I love all he’s done and continues to do for fashion. He includes every shape, size, sex and ethnicity.

I could honestly just end my blogging career now(don’t worry, I won’t) because I don’t think I can ever top this incredible interview.

This could have very well been, my Swan Song.


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