Style It Saturday With Elena Hakola: Charlotte Fashion Week


Designer Elena Hakola kicked off Charlotte Fashion Week on the Charlotte Seen Runway with crowd pleasing selections from her latest line.

The show started with this show stopper!

Colors of the Ukrainian Flag mixed with her play on triangles left the crowd in awe.


Her use color pops were striking against the steel grays and black and white outfits.

Cherry Reds and Fuchsia contrasted nicely with jewel tones.


Deep, rich jewel tones made for some of my favorite outfits. I tend to gravitate to them.


Dramatic collars were a major part of this line.

Metallics and jewel tones supplied the perfect amount of drama for these looks.


Elena had several playful outfits in her line.

This red glove made an appearance in the front and the back of this dress.

The Rebellious Nun

Business in the front, party in the back.

The lace veil on a ball cap was distinctive enough. The red roses as she turned around was a unique surprise.

The ‘ripped’ effect continued to the back of this classic piece.


The most dramatic piece in this look gained a lot of praise from the audience.

It was inspired by Russian/ Ukrainian fairytale “Princess-Frog” About witched princess turned into frog. She had to travel and hide to be found.

Look closely as she walks away. Yes, that’s a backpack!

My absolute favorite piece of the line is one I can see myself wearing.

I was enthralled with the suspenders holding up draped fabric over the skirt.

Elena Hakola has an extensive background in art and design. I’ve been a fan of her designs and artwork for several years.

The Moscow Born designer has been a major supporter of Ukraine.

She provide a link if you would like to DONATE

Thank you Elena for your incredible designs and thank you for your huge heart.


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