Beautiful Soul


I recently spoke with Sondaya Weddle, founder of DayaLuv Cosmetics, about her cosmetics line.

She said her aim is to enhance our true beauty.

My first thought was that she’s talking about outward appearance.

However, as our conversation went on I realized there was more to it.

Although her line of Lip Glosses and Lashes definitely make us more appealing visually, she also works to make us more beautiful on the inside.

Following in the footsteps of her successful mother, Sondaya has built her own business.

She also is very involved in her mother’s ventures. They also co wrote a book: A Successful Way To Entrepreneurship and Obtaining Wealth.

VP of Destined to Succeed Institute, owner and CO of Destined to Succeed Employment Assistance Agency, and Facilitator for It Takes a Village Foundation Re Entry program. Each of these programs help people just out of prison get back into mainstream life.

She also gives motivational speeches on all of her social media platforms.

Just listening to her speak inspired me to do more. Be better. And feel better.

Growing up watching her mother put on makeup created a lifelong love with beauty products.

When she became old enough to wear it herself, getting ready and applying products became very therapeutic for her.

She always knew she would own her own business and one day have her own beauty line.

Being a survivor of domestic abuse fueled her passion to not only succeed, but to help others escape their own toxic environment.

She created a line of lipglosses called ‘Shade With A Story’.

The shade ‘OVERCOMER’ holds special meaning to her.

“Our shade Overcomer- is a shade that holds so much weight behind it. This shade is dedicted to all the women that have and will overcome. We are happy to say that 10% of all profits on this shade will be donated to the Convergence Resource Center. An organization that is dedicated to helping women overcome.”

She created it in purple in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

After speaking with Sondaya I realized, it’s not just her face that makes her beautiful, it’s also her soul.

Sondaya Weddle


Charlotte Seen Fashion POP


Once again Charlotte Seen brought us three shows in one day.

After a drab and depressive year, Rita Miles flooded the runway with Pops of color.

The first show was full of color and SASS!!! These young models brought cheers from the audience as they showed their personalities that were as bright as their outfits.

The second show brought an array of styles and eras.

The 70’s inspired outfits were some of my favorites.

There was a western twist which Rob McDowell rocked.

Black and white Chess Inspired pieces were fun.

These unique and eclectic pieces were some more of my favorites.

As were the fantasy pieces.

My absolute favorite part of the second show was this rendition of Grease from two of my favorite models, Jordan and Savannah.

The third show was full of color and energy.

Bow ties made an appearance with some colorful designs.

And we will be left to sing the Blues until the next show.

This was a much needed, fun fashion event.

Special thanks to Photographer Careese Robinson for all the amazing pics in this blog.

For Charlotte Seen info

Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: A Glimmer of Hope


Things are looking up. Spring is here. Dark times are behind us for the most part and everything seems shiny, sparkly and new.

This Sparkling Blush fragrance will set the tone.

It’s a scent with as many facets as a woman’s spirit. Michael Kors Sparkling Blush is an oriental floral, woodsy fragrance that reflects brilliance and beauty. A lustrous burst of pink pepper and rose petals combine with rich vanilla and lychee, while sandalwood delivers a sultry finish.

Slip this 14k gold plated sterling silver pave Logo Curb Link Bangle on your wrist.

This bracelet boasts signature Michael Kors style, featuring their logo initials surrounded by a halo of cubic zirconia pavé accents. It’s crafted from sterling silver and finished with a high-shine 14K gold plating.

Kick off Spring with the Felix Extreme Glitter Chain Mesh Trainers.

Designed from glitter chain-mesh with metallic and leather accents, the Felix Extreme trainers combine sporty appeal and refined sophistication. They’re set on an elevated sole that delivers a lightweight feel and “walking on air” appearance. Slip them on with casual separates for weekend errands or trips to the gym.

Put the dark times behind you and out on the Glitz with Michael Kors.

Shop this look:

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Becoming Fabulous: Tom Ford Beauty


I recently visited the Tom Ford Beauty counter at Neiman Marcus for color match with their luxury beauty line. The oh so sweet and stylish Dawn had posted about the beauty event on the NM Instagram and I nabbed my spot immediately.

***All precautions were taken by their Field Executive Justin Pittman and Associate Monica Daza.

Justin started with the Emotion Proof Eye Primer.

Then onto the Traceless Soft Matte Foundation in 2.7 Vellum.

I love the coverage and the fact that it’s not a totally matte finish.

Then the Emotion Proof Concealer in Pale Dune. Perfect match for my skin and great coverage.

Here’s where things got interesting.

I’ve never used contour other than below my cheekbone. And I’ve always been intimidated by creams.

So here he whipped out a Shade and Illuminate cream combo that almost sent me running.

Intensity One looked very, well, intense. I just knew I was going to look like a clown.

BUT!!!! I was wrong!! With Justin’s guidance I applied it like a pro! Added the highlighting cream and my face was really coming together!

After he had pushed the envelope and got me to try a cream, Justin then brought out this cream and powder eyeshadow duo.

And the powder was metallic! He was really dragging me kicking and screaming out of my makeup comfort zone!!!

But since he’s such a sweetheart I applied it.

Wow did it make my blue eyes pop!!!

Now here’s where my anxieties stopped me. No matter how cute and sweet Justin is I was not about to put liner on my waterline!!

He explained how and why it would look better. And I totally agree. I’m just so weird about something touching my inner eye.

So, for now, I used the Emotion Proof Eye Liner in Dominateur around my lashes.

Baby steps. Maybe one day.

I absolutely fell in love with the Brow Sculptor in Blonde.

He showed me how to perfectly shape my brows and this color is so much better than what I’ve been using. It also comes with a refill!

This Cheek Color in Love Lust really brought back some memories. The preachiness of it reminds me of the very first blush I ever bought as a teen. The color is perfect for me and it just makes me happy remembering the first time ever wearing makeup.

We finished off my look with the Ultra Shine Lip Color in Nubile.

Again, a color outside my comfort zone.

Looking Fabulous isn’t enough. You have to smell fabulous too.

Monica found the perfect fragrances for me!

I love the light, fruity, floral notes in Mandarino Di Amalfi and Soleil Neige.

Stop into Neiman Marcus and let them find your perfect look for Spring.

A wonderful experience trying new things and new techniques. Thank you Dawn for letting me know about the beauty event!

I enjoyed it so much and realized, I’m much prettier outside my comfort zone!!

Contact Monica Daza for your luxury beauty needs!

Neiman Marcus

SouthPark Mall

4400 Sharon Road, Suite 154

Charlotte, NC 28211


Ext: 2102


Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: It’s Sprinter!


You know about ‘Spinter’. Those weeks when Winter turns into Spring. And it’s still cool enough for lightweight jackets.

I’ve found three options from Michael Kors that will keep you not to hot and not too cold. But very fashionable!

Logo Tape Jacket

Sporty meets chic in this windbreaker-inspired jacket. With contrast logo tape detailing along the sleeves and a waterproof exterior, it’s an ideal lightweight layer for a trip to the gym or a day of errands.

Denim Jacket

A classic denim jacket is an essential outerwear piece for spring and seasons to come. This version is dyed in a vintage-inspired blue wash and cut for a relaxed fit that will layer easily over dresses or T-shirts alike.

Denim Shrunken Boyfriend Jacket

The denim jacket gets a seasonal refresh in a white-washed hue that will go with almost anything. A shrunken boyfriend silhouette adds a borrowed-from-the-boys sensibility to this essential wardrobe piece. Match your jewelry to the gold-tone buttons.

Stay warm, cool and trendy this Sprinter with these choices from Michael Kors!

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Michael Kors at SouthPark Mall will ship anywhere in the US for FREE for KORSVIP members!

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Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Put the Lime in the Coconut


Spring is COMING!!! And what better way to announce that than wearing these Tasha Leather Sandals in Limelight.

If you dare, pair them with these Limeade Joggers!

Complete the look with this gorgeous Jet Set Small Woven Leather Smartphone Convertible Crossbody bag in Lime!

Get ready to greet Spring with this fun outfit from Michael Kors!

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Michael Kors at SouthPark Mall will ship anywhere in the US for FREE for KORSVIP members!

Not a member? Give them a call at (704) 362-7000 and they will sign you up!!! It’s fast, free, and there’s a lot of perks!!!

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Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Who Is That Masked Man??


Well, it’s been a year since the world as we knew it changed.

The whole planet closed down. The only people venturing out were covered with those blue, hospital face masks.

Slowly brands realized that we needed personalized masks!!

Masks to match every outfit and let our personalities shine through.

I could not wait until Michael Kors came out with some and I scooped them up as soon as they hit the site!

There’s the unisex Logo Cotton Stretch Face Masks in brown/black and black/white.

Then there’s the more formal Studded Logo Stretch Cotton Stretch Mask in black with Silver or Gold studs.

One day we will pull out our long forgotten masks from the bottom of our drawer and perhaps smile about a time there was so little to smile about.

Shop this look:

Michael Kors at SouthPark Mall will ship anywhere in the US for FREE for KORSVIP members!

Not a member? Give them a call at (704) 362-7000 and they will sign you up!!! It’s fast, free, and there’s a lot of perks!!!

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