Happy Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year. The date is determined by the Lunar calendar and falls between the third week of January and mid to late February.

One of the most colorful, as well as loudest, ceremonies is The Lion Dance.

Firecrackers are set off to scare any evil spirits away from the business.

During Chinese New Year the Lions visit shops in the Asian community to perform Cai Qing, which means ‘plucking the greens’.

Businesses tie greens, often Boi Choy, to the front of their stores, along with Hong Bao, a red envelope filled with money, in order to lure the lions into their shop.

The Lion’s presence grants the shop Good Luck and Fortune for the year ahead.

Hong Bao is a traditional Chinese way to give a gift. Weddings, graduations, holidays, etc are often a time to give money.

The red symbolizes good luck and it also is thought to ward off evil spirits.

Celebration attendees also ‘feed’ the lions a Hong Bao to insure their own good fortune.

The lions then enter each business, therefore insuring a prosperous year.

New Years meals are started with a bowl of tangerines or oranges.

They represent wealth and good luck.

Food is served Family style. It is a time to share with Family and friends.

There is always bright, colorful decor.

And you should never forget to wave goodbye to the Lucky Cat!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. May the Year of the Rat be prosperous for you all!!


Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Life of the Party


We all know that one person that’s always colorful and cheerful and it’s reflected in how they dress.

This is the outfit to help you become that person!

The Keke beaded pump was my inspiration.

This classic style is taken up a notch with the colorful, beaded designs and will add that bit of ‘extraness’ to any outfit.

Of course I was drawn to the Manhattan crossbody.

This design has been a favorite of mine for awhile. The iridescent hardware and colorful trim stole the show for me.

It also comes in white which is very striking as well.

I kept the bottoms basic, with a flair.

The faux leather joggers are simple yet stylish.

Make yourself the life of any party with just a few statement pieces in your wardrobe.

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By any other name…


William Shakespeare once wrote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

While I’ve been a fan of Shakespeare for a long time I must disagree with this famous line from Romeo and Juliet.

Names are more than a label. They mean something.

Have you ever looked at someone and thought “they look just like their name”?

I realized this when I gave birth to my second daughter. I had her name all picked out. But the moment I saw her I knew her name would be something else. Something strong and powerful. Like she was destined to be.

Much like the name of the little boy in this book. And the name of a beloved President.

When I heard of this book and met the author, Jean E. Caldwell, I knew I was destined to tell their story.

Yusef is her grandson. She wrote the book in honor of him.

He was named after his grandfather. And carried his name proudly.

One day, a group of his friends told him they couldn’t play with him anymore. Their parents didn’t like his name.

Yusef didn’t feel alone though. Because he was watching someone else go through the same thing.

One morning he walked proudly into the room and announced “I want to dress like President Obama”.

His image of our president was sleeves rolled up, ready to jump in and help in any situation.

So he rolled up his sleeves and held his head high.

Barack and Yusef have both faced criticism because of their names. But they chose the high road. They didn’t let the words of others affect how they felt about their names.

Words have the ability to make or break us. Just like a name, they are powerful.

Speaking with the author was like having a conversation with myself.

We finished each other’s sentences. We didn’t have to second guess something we said.

We both have given strong names to our children. And supported their journey to embrace their moniker.

I often ask the person I’m interviewing so send me pictures of things that bring them joy.

Their pictures always fit the vibe I get from them. Jean represents peace, kindness and freedom. Just as her pictures show.

Yusef is now a teenager. He hasn’t met President Obama YET. But he will.

He comes from a strong, determined, talented family.

And if he went by any other name, he wouldn’t be the same person.

Jean Caldwell lives in Concord, NC where she’s writing even more children’s books.

Yusef and The President can be purchase Here

Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Lazy Day


January has always been my chill month. My time to relax after a hectic holiday season.

Basically, 31 lazy days.

But just because I’m taking it easy, that’s not an excuse to not be fashionable.

It’s Hoodie Season!!!

I practically live in hoodies three seasons out of the year.

This zippered Logo hoodie is perfect.

Sometimes you want to go out with no makeup on.

The oversized Berkshires are big enough to get by without mascara as well as carrying on the Logo theme.

The Georgie trainers with the Wedge heel give a touch of lux to the sporty look.

This pairing is a perfect example of balancing comfort and style.

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Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Golden Girl


Go for the Gold with this casual, metallic outfit!

I started with the Ribbed Dolman Sleeve Sweater.

This cropped sweater is so soft and would be perfect with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans.

I fell in love with the Extra Small Bedford Legacy Bag. It comes in many colors and patterns, but the gold just called my name while creating this style.

I continued with the Gold theme with the Olympia Glitter Chain Mesh and Leather Trainer.

Brighten up your winter white wardrobe with these fun pieces!

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Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: New Year, New You


You know the drill. Every New Year that comes around we swear to ourselves we’re going to start working out.

We know we lie. But hey, at least we buy cute new workout clothes that can be worn outside the gym as well.

With the ‘athleisure’ trend going strong right now, more and more outfits are doing double duty.

This one piece Color Block Ski Suit is perfect for on the slopes or running errands.

Paired with the Georgie Canvas Zebra Print Calf Hair Trainers, you keep the black and white theme going and add a pop of royal blue.

Add the Go to, versatile Cece bag in the same blue and you have the perfect outfit.

Whether you stick with your New Years Resolution or not, you’ll always look stylish.

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