Style It Saturday with Michael Kors: Living on the Edge


Today’s edgy look was inspired by one of my favorite scenes form one of my favorite movies…Grease.

The moment Sandy walked away from her good girl, squeaky clean imagine and blew everyone away in her all black, skin tight outfit, has always stood out to me.

While not quite as ‘bad girl’ as Sandy, this all black pairing is way different than most of my style posts.

The structured Prism bag in black Saffiano Leather is a little more hardcore with the silver hardware.

I paired it with the comfy Charleston Mules with the same silver hardware.

These can be worn with several types of outfits. But I like the vibe it gives with this style session.

And no self respecting bad girl would be seen without a pair of oversized, black shades.

The Cortina Sunglasses feature a classic square frame with a subtle cat eye.

The side detail sold me. Keeping the silver hardware consistent throughout the whole outfit.

Throw on a black top and some faux leather leggings, peek ever so slightly over your sunnies and purr “Tell me about it, Stud”!

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Stepping on Cracks


“Step on a crack, break your mother’s back”

“Sorry but you’re radiator has a crack in it. That’s gonna cost you”

“We found the perfect house. It’s beautiful on the outside but there’s a crack in the foundation”

A crack in anything, no matter how big or small, is concerning.

Even if they’re repaired, we’re prone to still worry about them.

Charlotte Author, Shelly R. Clark, has written a guide to permanently repairing any size crack.

These cracks are the most destructive. They’re cracks in our spirits. Our reputations. And our souls.

As we travel through this thing called life we often come across cracks. Sometimes they are even created by us.

Instead of falling into them, Shelly provides us with a detour map. Provided to her, and all of us, by God.

Sometimes the detour is long and hard.

“Don’t give up in the middle” she tells us.

And always follow the signs. Has God ever given you a sign? Did you realize it? Did you follow it?

Some are more open to them than others. Some are hardheaded and don’t listen the first time.

I am one of those people. So I understood where Shelly was coming from. And how hard it was for her to get here from there.

God’s signs aren’t always as clear as those we see along the roads we travel.

They could come in the form of a dream or a vision. Or through another person.

I’ve experienced all of these. Because I refused to listen the first time.

Shelly tells us that Our Father will attempt to get our attention by “whatever means necessary”.

Sometimes we don’t heed His warnings.

Now what do we do???

The author details ways to Press On and climb your way out.

1. Pray

2. Repent

3. Expect

4. Surrender

5. Speak

6. Overcome

7. Never Look Back

I’m not going to be like Google Maps and give you step by step details. I want you to read the instructions yourself.

Buy her book. Dog ear the pages. Underline passages. Carry it with you for inspiration.

I asked Shelly to send me three things that bring her joy.

Two of those things are family. And the third…elephants!!!

I was curious, so I looked into the traits of elephants.

Not only do they never forget, they’re also very playful. They are loyal to their family. And they seek to make friends.

They also have feelings similar to humans. They experience empathy. They respond to humans body language and voices and see the good and bad in us.

Kind of like Shelly.

She found a way climb out of the cracks. But instead of walking away, she is showing others how to repair those cracks, so no one else can fall into them.

Through her book ‘Beyond The Cracks’ Shelly shows us how to find Gods Grace and Mercy.

We are children of God. We are not failures. Cracks and all.

Shelly’s book can be purchased Here

Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: A Southern Fall


Fall in the South is a bit unpredictable. It’s not quite cool, and it’s not quite hot. So this weeks look is perfect for that in between season we have here in the South.

I started with the Delaney Canteen Style Crossbody.

The cream logo print lets you hold onto summer just a bit longer while the rich croc embossed leather leads you into Fall.

I added the Lena Studded Suede Sandal.

The open toe and low heel give a boho summer vibe. Perfect for long, flowing floral dresses.

The Luggage Color suede can lead you perfectly into the the next season.

Finish the look with a couple of spritzes of the Sexy Amber fragrance and you have a complete multi seasonal look and feel!


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Style it Saturday With Michael Kors: Always a CHEETAH


Today’s style session is all about keeping it comfy and causal.

I created a trendy look with the Cheetah Print lettered T shirt. It can stand alone or with a jacket or blazer for a fun spin on the white tee.

The Brooke Metallic Leather and Scuba hiking style boot adds an edgy, urban feel to the outfit. The black and gold pair nicely with the other pieces.

I completed the look with the Faux Fur Logo Print Belt Bag. It can be worn around the waist or crossbody.

I love this styling session because I’m all about being comfortable and still trendy.

Logomania and animal prints are still on trend. And with an outfit like this you can’t go wrong!


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It’s My Blogiversary!


Living La Vida Diva turns four today!!!

Oh what a year it has been!

I kicked off 2019 by attending a party thrown by my Friend and Mentor Ryan Jor El. He made a life changing decision to cut off his trademark Locs and I was there to document the process.

Ryan was to appear in several more blogs this year. Only fitting since he’s the driving force behind my brand. Not to mention he does some pretty awesome things!

I was there for the second year in a row for his Black Father’s Rock event.

As well as the 360 After Work: These Men’s Are Talking…Business where I learned some valuable tips for success from Ryan and the rest of the panel.

He also had several mentions in my yearly Father’s Day Gift Guide.

I tagged along with him for the Barbershop Talk with Novant Health and the African American Male Walk Initiative and learned some key factors in preventing many health problems that are prevalent in African American Men.

I shared a sweet story about a gift my granddaughter gave me. It was more than just a bottle of perfume. It was a memory of a time when I was just a little Diva about her age.

I had a Pick 6 and won the Super Bowl! Lol but it how you might think! Apricot Lane and Frutta Bowls are two of my favorite places and they find their way into many of my blogs and Instagram posts.

I had the Humbling experience of meeting my favorite designer Humble Connor and sitting in on a photo shoot! She’s always has such a runway presence at Charlotte Seen Fashion Week.

Two more fascinating interviews for Charlotte Seen include Wearable Art designer Nelli Levental and this Diva Worthy Pink Poodle!!

And I got to be a part of Charlotte Seen as they hosted their 100th Show!!!!

Even though I’ve attended several shoots at his Studio I finally got ‘Nikon Don’ Harris to sit down for an interview. His story is one of hope and determination. And I’m a better person for having met him.

Another young man I finally got to interview was Robert ‘Reasons’ Brown. And got to attend one of his music events as well.

I’ve met and talked over the phone with several talented musicians and authors. With each one I felt an immediate connection.

Target has been the subject of a couple of blogs. I also do a Thursday Target Treasures each week on my Instagram. I love my Target!!!

And finally, my new weekly series. Style It Saturday With Michael Kors was so popular on my Instagram I decided to continue them and do a coordinating blog post each week!

Thank you everyone for being in my Blogosphere!!

Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: These Boots are Made for Walkin’


And that’s just what they’ll do…

I don’t even know where to begin with this styling session.

Each piece is so fabulous.

I guess I’ll start with Cece. She’s a bag I’ve had my eye on for awhile. She’s perfection.

Cece comes in several sizes, patterns and colors. And her strap allows you to carry her three different ways.

The jacket. THE JACKET!!!!

Tigers and leopards and zebras!!! Oh my!!!

Yes it’s busy. Yes there’s a lot going on. Yes I LOVE it!!!

This piece can be worn with anything!!!! Dress it up or down. Heck wear it with pajamas, no one will notice them with this on!!!

Don’t let the Retail price of $795 deter you. The cost per wear will make it worth it!

With so much going on I didn’t want a shoe that would compete with the other pieces. But I also didn’t want it to match.

The below the knee Lottie Boot in Brandy was the best choice. She stands out and holds her own.

This is one of my favorite looks I’ve styled so far.

It’s sassy and edgy.

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you…


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