Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Letting the Fur Fly.


This look is soooooo ME!!!

It’s chic. It’s wild. It says ‘Look at me!!!! But not for too long!!!’.

The furry Jet Set Zip pouch immediately caught my eye. It was like spotting a cute puppy you just have to pet.

Which I did. Store Manager Kristin is used to me petting the merchandise by now lol.

I kept with the black and white theme with these Vicky Logo Tape Knit Ankle Boots.

All eyes will be on you with this pair up.

So you’ll need a pair of ‘Paparazzi, please no pictures’ sunglasses.

The oversized Monaco sunnies will complete the glamorous look.

I love these classic black and white pieces. And of course it has to have the Diva’s dramatic touch!


Michael Kors at South Park Mall will ship anywhere!!

Contact them at (704) 362 7000

Or online at


Charlotte Fashion Week 2019


Charlotte Seen never disappoints with their fashion shows. Each year I tell Rita Miles and Rob McDowell that they cannot top the show I just watched. And each year they do just that.

I knew the shows leading up to their 100th would be nothing short of fabulous. I had no idea how fabulous it would be.

We started with a kickoff party at the top floor of The Vue. With food from Fleming’s and drinks from Tito’s, the night set the tone for the week ahead.

The shows were held at the Historic Ivey’s Hotel.

Once known as the most upscale Department Store around, The Ivey’s is now a luxury hotel centered in uptown Charlotte.

I’ve been wanting to tour this place since I first moved here. And now was my chance.

The opulence of the hotel was the only place befitting of the shows we were about to see.

Berhan Nebioglu sent her models, draped in vintage clothing, onto the runway with Ivey’s shopping bags. I was seated facing a photo of the front of the old department store and it looked as though her models were walking out of the black and white photo after a day of shopping!

My favorite designer Humble Connor took my breath away. Her latest designs have an eerie, gothic vibe that was a hit on the runway.

My friend Maurice of Classic Man Boutique paired up with Billionaire Bow Ties making for an exceptional presentation. You know how much I love Collaboration Over Competition and these two designers nailed it.

Model/Designer Fiona Rose’s collection had a 90s Barbie vibe. Her designs are quickly becoming another favorite of mine.

Although I’d already seen and written about Artist/Jewelry Designer Nelli Levental’s pieces, seeing them come to life on the models was amazing. The presentation was flawless.

Denim made a unique appearance with My Marlow. This up cycling Designer is on my radar now and I’m looking forward to seeing more from Hunter Andrews.

I’ve added another new favorite after seeing Atlanta Designer, House of La’Rue.

I’ve since connected with her and will be following her career. I’m so looking forward to seeing some Atlanta Shows with her designs.

Aubrey Harley went straight for my heart with his new Animal Print designs! From small peekaboo accents to full on King of The Jungle prints, his latest collection was Fierce!!

Fellow Tennessean Laura Citron brought back the ’70s with her Studio 54 inspired disco designs. The models donned colorful bobbed wigs making for an exceptional aesthetic show!

The Talkin’ Threads collection is near and dear to my heart. I had spotted the designer last year in the audience at a Charlotte Seen show and had to inquire about her beautiful outfit. She told me she had made it herself.

I immediately sent her the link to apply to show on the runway and this year, here she is!!!

An amazing, humble lady that was only coming to enjoy a show is now on the runway herself!!!

There’s a new kid on the block and he’s proving ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’. The line from Eli Spizzo features a fun, up cycled street style. I love seeing young people and their passion for fashion.

Any Old Iron is not just any old designer! His designs are loud and flashy and demand attention!!! Kind of like me!

Andrew Clancy has outfitted Stars such as Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.

This British Gentleman now finds his home in Nashville.

And finally, no Charlotte Fashion Week is complete with the Bad Boyz Of Fashion.

I had a very precious moment before the shows started. I got to spend about 30 minutes with one of my favorite designers, Tony Howard. And I’ll forever cherish our conversation.

***Because I videoed his part of the show I’m using photos from photographer Careese Robinson and I’ll provide his link below.***

From his designs, down to getting his models ready to walk, this gentleman is the epitome of fashion to me. Nothing escapes his keen eye, and every little detail is perfection.

His first piece pays homage to Seen Queen, Rita Miles.

Rob McDowell usually does the behind the scenes work for Charlotte Seen. But for Tony’s Show he always shows up and shows out!

Speaking of showing out, this guy, George Hodge, ALWAYS makes an impact. He doesn’t simply walk the runway. He OWNS the catwalk! His walks have always left me speechless.

Tony Howard’s Bad Boyz of Fashion are truly the Queen City Kings.

Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: The Blues


This weeks style is a casual, crisp Fall weekend Vibe.

This outfit was inspired by this versatile jacket.

The faux fur trim on this denim piece can be removed giving you several style options! Go all out with a fur collar and sleeves or opt for just one or the other. Or for a super casual outfit you can remove them all!

I paired it with the Brooke Sneaker which is also versatile.

Part sneaker and part hiking boot, this white shoe can be paired with so many outfits!

The Mercer Medium Studded Accordion Bag is also a versatile piece.

The structured bag can be carried by its handle for a more classic look. Or with the adjustable strap it can double as a should bag and a crossbody.

Each of these pieces can be used in so many ways. Styling them has endless options.

During this transition into Fall I’d wear these pieces with a colorful mid length dress for a fun, stylish weekend look.

With these pieces in your closet you will never be singing ‘The Blues’.


Michael Kors at South Park Mall will ship anywhere!

Contact them at 1(704) 362 7000

Or online at

Target Practice: 20 Years of Hitting the Target


Ahhhh the Missoni/Target Collab!!! Who doesn’t remember when the high end fashion house appeared in Target.

For a millisecond(these collab items go fast!) we had access to one of the hottest designers to hit the runways.

I can proudly say I survived the Great Lilly Pulitzer Collab…barely. It was BRUTAL!!! Like a polite southern lady gang fight!! Of course this go around, the Lilly was the first to go.

I love the Fan Dance printed scarf. So soft. And a great way to add a splash of color to an outfit.

I’ll never forget the (unsuccessful) hunt for this mustard 3.1 Phillip Lim small satchel bag the first go around. I had to settle for the taupe. But Target has granted me a second chance!

I’m absolutely in LOVE with the Isaac Mizrahi houndstooth coat!!! The large pink print is gorgeous!!! And the structure is such a classic design.

This Missoni scarf just screams luxury. The silken texture adds a touch of class to the iconic zig zag design.

Rodarte nailed it with these romantic tulle and satin dresses.

I love that they can be styled dressy or with an edgy grunge look with a leather jacket and combat boots.

Altuzarra grabbed my attention with this floral print maxi dress. I can see this being worn to upcoming holiday parties!!

Anna, Anna, ANNA!!! Anna Sui really got me with this lace mini dress!!!she has always been one of my favorite designers and was even named one of The Top 5 Fashion Icons of the Decade!!! This dress looks like it jumped off a page in Vogue.

And finally, Isaac Mizrahi does it again. I’m mad for plaid and this pastel check satin dress makes me swoon. I’d pair it with a long satin lime green coat to complete the Mad Men Vibe.

Well Target, practice makes perfect. You learned it’s best to have all the collection in one place instead of all over the store. You learned to have more product on hand to bring it out as needed. You now have extra employees on hand to assist and control the mobs. And you have set limits on how many items one can purchase. This gives everyone a chance to purchase the items and cut down on the reselling on eBay for ridiculous prices!

If you missed your favorite item in the past, now is the time to grab it!! Everyone deserves a second chance!!!

Style It Saturday with Michael Kors: In The Jungle


I’ve been doing these Styling sessions for six weeks now and they’ve been so popular I’m going to do more!

I spotted the Viv Large Leather Backpack the minute I walked through the door of Michael Kors in Northlake Mall.

The versatility, the soft leather, I was hooked!

It’s available in eight solid colors as well as three different monogram prints.

I then spotted the Charlton Leopard Calf Hair Mule. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE leopard!!! These are perfect for the casual feel of the backpack.

They’re also available in several colors as well as croc embossed!!!

I chose the Stowe sunglasses to complete the look. The classic frames lend a chic, effortless flair. They’re available in six colors. So you’re sure to find a pair to match your style.

I have so much fun styling these pieces. Head into your Michael Kors store or find these pieces online!

California Dreamin’


While preparing for a phone interview with Bay Area singer Estelle California, I was worried about us being able to communicate.

With her French and my thick Tennessee accent I thought we might need a translator.

But we understood each other. In so many ways.

Growing up in a racist environment as a child, she knew from an early age the things she was hearing were wrong.

She developed a fondness for the Africans that lived in France and was heartbroken by their plight.

She explained to me when she was growing up, females were to be ‘seen not heard’. But she often voiced her concerns about racism.

She also discovered her gift of music at an early age. Her talent led her to training as a classical pianist.

She later discovered the saxophone. Perhaps it’s soulful cry echoed the pain she feels inside for those suffering from the hate and racism in the world.

It wasn’t until she was in her mid-twenties someone commented that she speaks with ‘a singing voice’.

She wants her music to bring light to the dark world. For people to come together and listen. And not care about the race of the person listening next to them. To let their hearts sing along. And for a brief moment, everyone feels Love.

I asked her to send me some pictures that bring her joy.

After speaking with this fellow ‘old soul’ I can understand what she sees in these three.

Freedom. Pride. Joy. Beauty.

Much like her idol, Nina Simone, Estelle Speaks out for those who have lost their voice to oppression. She uses her voice in many ways.

She’s unapologetically determined fight racism. Bigotry and hatred are learned behaviors. No one is born believing they are above anyone else.

Her young daughter sings her songs, and loves everyone, because that’s the behavior SHE was taught.

Fresh from her hit single ‘Star’ from her EP ‘My Name is Freedom’ the artist is working on more projects. It’s not about the money and fame for her, it’s about spreading the light.

“If you don’t work hard to keep your essence, then you will lose it all.”

Estelle took the last name ‘California’ after the state where she finally found herself.

She was ‘Reborn’ there. She belongs to No Man. She belongs to California. And will keep her dream of equality alive.

Lootswaay Fest 2019


Collaboration over competition. These are three words I live by. And I only surround myself with like minded people.

Robert ‘Reasons’ Brown is one of those people. We were actually introduced by another such person, Rapper IV Montana.

The three of us are constantly hustling to make a name for ourselves. But none of us want to make it to the top alone.

This is the premise for Lootswaay Fest 2019.

Named after his clothing line, Lootswaay, Robert practiced what he preaches.

He put together an event for fellow musicians to showcase their talents. And he asked me to come along.

I got to speak to a few of them before they went on stage. I asked about their journey. I asked about their ups and downs. And their favorite moments in their careers so far.

One young man name Kiiba told me he is the best rapper around.

I was intrigued. Trying to see the fine line between confidence and arrogance.

As he left the stage I shook his hand. “You most certainly proved yourself” I told him.

His range. His ability to freestyle. And to change gears so quickly. His confidence was validated.

Another young man, Leo, didn’t exude confidence. He was quitter than most musicians I’ve talked to before. And I pretty much had to pull details of his quite impressive career out of him.

He hit the stage and immediately transported me back in time to the old school R&B I grew up hearing.

The body of a young man held the soul and voice of an old soul.

When Jeronica picked up the mic I turned to IV Montana and said “Her voice needs to meet your voice and I need to hear it!”

He was thinking the same thing. I’m excited for the upcoming collab between these two.

Collaboration over competition. That’s what it’s all about.

IV Montana showed up, not to perform. Not to be seen. But to support his friend.

I’ve written about these guys and I’ll link those blogs below so you can see how amazing they both are.

Instead of stepping over people and forgetting those that helped to rise to the top, these two pull the rest of us along with them.

Collaboration…it’s the only way. It’s Lootswaay.