What’s Love Got To Do With It?


‘To love and to be loved is the greatest gift of all.’

We’ve all heard this quote before. But one young author I recently interviewed questions what do we do with the love we receive.

In her book ‘Be You Beloved’ Miranda Trudeau documents her journey.

Her journey is not only about receiving love from God, but also loving herself. And how the two are entwined.

When her Publicist contacted me about writing a blog about her I knew I really didn’t have the time to do it. But heard myself saying “Ok, Set it up.”

That didn’t come from within me. That was God’s way of placing someone in my life that He knew I needed to meet.

It began as a dreaded phone interview. I really dislike this way of getting to know my subject.

But within five minutes we were bonded. Finishing each other’s sentences. And telling very similar stories.

Both of us were raised in families following the same religion. And experienced the same confusion. Asked the same questions. And felt the same shame for being unsure of Gods love for us.

We both took Religion in college to try and gain insight into our frustrations. And neither of us got the answers we needed.

Visiting different churches and finally finding our niche, we both finally could start accepting Gods love.

Now that we have graciously received His love we have to learn to love ourselves.

If He loves us then we must be worthy of our own love right?

Self love is the most difficult form of love to me. And to hear someone experience the same fears, curiosity, doubt and even shame has given my own journey Validation.

At the end of each chapter are questions. How God spoke to you in the chapter. What are some things that happened to you to make you feel certain ways. This interactive addition lets you see God’s fingerprint on certain events in your life.

One thing I noticed when reading this book was the progression of the photos scattered throughout.

As you can see, one of the first photos is clouded. And you can barely see her face.

As you make your way through each section you get a clearer look.

By the end of the book as she finds herself, we also find her.

And reading through our answers at the end of each chapter, we can now see ourselves.

So what’s love got to do with it?


Be You Beloved is the greatest gift of all.




Random Acts of Glamour


I met designer Nelli Levental recently at a Charlotte Seen Model call.

After models are approved for the show they’re led into a room with the designers.

Each designer then picks which models they want to show their designs on the runway.

I was struck by the intricate neck piece she was wearing.

The bits of twisted metal molded into an owl looked incredible on her.

So I set up an interview to find out more about this wearable art.

She conducted a psychological experiment.

With a background in art, Nelli decided to use her gift to help women feel better about themselves.

She watched women’s demeanor change. As they picked up a piece and placed it on themselves, they immediately brightened up.

They stood a little taller. Smiled with confidence. And felt Glamorous.

Her pieces make women look at themselves differently.

They make you feel regal. But they’re not made from the finest gold and gemstones on earth.

In fact they’re mostly made of recycled, everyday items.

Felt and packing paper mixed with epoxy and varnish brings her imagination to life.

From left over bits and bobs, Nelli creates a fairy land effect.

Fashion is more than clothing and accessories. It’s a feeling. A confidence. A touch of Random Glam.



The New Super Bowl


It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s SUPERFOOD!!!!

Saturday, Frutta Bowls Indian Trail launched their new base made from Graviola.

Yeah, I’ve never heard of it either. So I did some Googling.

Also called the Soursop Fruit it’s quite…well, ugly.

Don’t let the ‘not so cute’ outside throw you. It’s actually delicious. With a citrus/coconut/banana taste it makes for the perfect base for bowls and smoothies.

This tropical fruit has many health benefits.

Chocked full of vitamins and antioxidants, it makes eating healthy easy.

The new bowl base is Graviola. Topped with fruit and sprinkled with coconut. Yummy!!!

And the smoothie!!! What a beauty!!! The ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan!! The Pitaya drizzle makes this drink is a real cutie!!!

With each sip, a different flavor emerges.

Influencers, forget the colorful, overpriced coffee drinks with all those artificial flavors and flood your pages with Instagram worthy pics of this healthy drink!!!

Superfood…rescuing you from boring unhealthy food!!!!