All you need is Love


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

I just wanted to write a short little blog about True Love.

When I was around 9-10, Love’s Baby Soft perfume was very popular.

My mom refused to buy it for me. All of my classmates wore it. And my whole ballet class smelled like the sweet baby powder scent that I wanted so bad.

Our ballet class had Secret Santa that year. I hoped and wished to be able to open my gift and find a box of the much coveted scent.

But while all the other girls opened their tiny rectangular boxes and squealed in delight at their new bottle, I looked at my box. Not wanting to open it. It was much too big to be a bottle of perfume.

The teacher finally persuaded me to open it.

It wasn’t a bottle of perfume… It was a whole gift set of Love’s Baby Soft products!!!

My mom wasn’t very pleased, but I was ecstatic!!! I’ll never forget that feeling.

It remained one of my favorite Christmas memories. Until this year.

My 9 year old Grand Diva spent her money at Santa’s Workshop on gifts for her family.

When I was her age I had just started collecting all things Japanese. I also wished for my beloved perfume.

When I opened my gift it was two things from my childhood that I loved the most. A Japanese fan and my favorite scent.

From a sweet little girl who knew nothing of my 9 year old self.

Yet she has my genes. My Diva genes. And she just knew.

One day she will understand my confused look.

She will understand why I said “But how did you know?”

And one day she will understand the tears of joy I shed that Christmas.

And she too, will have memories of True Love.


Rhyme or Reason


Reasons Brown is not your everyday designer.

We all know the type. They talk a big game about getting their designs out there but they never really do anything to make it happen.

That’s not how his brand works. Lootswaay Clothing refers to ‘Money is the Persuasion’. And he’s constantly and tirelessly hyping his work.

But he’s not just a designer. He’s also a musician. And plays basketball for Bluefield State College In West Virginia.

He doesn’t identify with any one in general. He hates to be put into a box. When I asked if he had to do only one he couldn’t choose. Because without all three he wouldn’t be ‘Reasons’.

“You have to protect your energy” he told me. “Learn as much as you can along the way”.

Music lets him express himself. And basketball fuels his energy. While designing is his way to get his point across.

Pay Me… That’s his mission statement. Pay me for my time. My work. My dream.

So many of us have gifts and talents and don’t know our worth.

Reasons Brown knows his worth. And he makes sure everyone knows it.

I recently channeled him during a meeting with a brand. I could hear his voice in my head telling me to know my worth. To get paid.

And it worked.

I met him for a reason. We both believe in living according to ‘God’s Timing’. Our mutual friend, rapper IV Montana, knew we would click. He knew we needed each other’s influence.

He believes we are our own competition. He also believes that if he isn’t meant to succeed then he will be the inspiration for the one who does.

His streetwear style is favored by men and women alike.

He felt accomplished and motivated the first time he spotted someone wearing one of his pieces.

If you look closely you will notice the number 25 on many of his pieces.

This is paying homage to a fellow basketball player that passed away.

He has started a fund in his memory. And each time he takes to the stage to perform or each time he sells a piece from his collection a portion of what he earns goes into that fund.

He told me it’s important to be consistent. “Be who you say you are”.

It’s rare to meet such a humble and selfless person in today’s world.

To know him is to know his worth more than money.

He gives us so many ‘Reasons’ to be thankful.

Still Rocking


Ryan Jor El Hosted his second annual Black Fathers Rock Awards recently at Pease Auditorium.

Starting as an idea written in his notebook, Black Fathers Rock has now grown and has garnered national attention.

Honorees are divided into six categories.


Fans of the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers will recognize Roman Harper for his skills on the football field. And despite leading the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2016, he is most honored to receive this award. Being a good father is his greatest accomplishment.


Whether you read about him in Forbes Magazine or saw him on the news or Ellen, you know Barry White Jr. as ‘The Handshake Teacher’.

He greets each student as they enter the building and every child gets their own personalized handshake.

He serves as a positive male presence in the children’s lives and gets them pumped up for each school day.


Dr. Clifford Jones Sr. has a presence felt around the world. He’s headed many overseas missions, as well as many leadership positions here at home.

Despite winning innumerable awards through the years he was most humbled by this one.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth”.

The quote he favors from 3 John 1:4 sums him up perfectly.


Justin Radcliffe, known as Chef Rico, is one of Charlottes most recognized chefs.

The private chef has worked with celebrities such as Cam Newton.

He views fatherhood as a learning experience. Taking it one day at a time.


The well dressed actor Yandrick Paraison was honored to be recognized for his wardrobe choices.

However, it’s the admiration from his children that means the most.

He recalled walking through the mall with his sons and noticing his son checking out his outfit. Hearing his son acknowledge his Dapperness was the ultimate award.


The award winning educator knows financial independence should start at a young age.

He founded the Be More Foundation to help urban youth make life choices that will end the cycle of poverty.

The Ultimate Black Father who Rocks is Founder Ryan Jor El.

The audience witnessed this when daughter Peyton, upset that her daddy couldn’t see her waiving from her seat, was brought on stage.

Coordinating with her mother in a dress by Tygerian Lace, she stole the spotlight from her dad while showing how much he truly rocks.

Black Fathers Rock continues to change the narrative and recognize fathers active and present in their community.