Entertaining the Carolinas: Mason Entertainment


When three strong angles come together, they form strength in a perfect triangle.

Each corner serves as an anchor for the others.

Mason Entertainment is that perfect triangle.

Made up of three musicians, the Columbia based group hopes to bring their local low country style of hip hop and R&B to the mainstream.

LB, a transplant from Buffalo New York, founded the group after realizing he didn’t want to be put into a box.

He didn’t want his music to fall under a certain genre.

He named the company after his son who shares his love of music. He wants it to serve as a platform for local artists.

His musicians each have that Southern South Carolina Swag that’s indigenous to the area.

The soulful R&B, mixed with rap and hip hop, and sang with a southern twang makes for a unique South Carolina beat.

Shnook is the only member born and raised in the area and his roots run deep. He pulls from his life experiences, good and bad, turning them into songs.

He brings to the group over ten years experience in radio.

Though he’s content with being more behind the scenes he is also the groups Hype Man.

His angle is fun. He is the life of the party and gets the crowd going at their shows.

Hearing his distinctive country drawl in their songs makes one want to hear more of this emerging music style.

He is a true son of the Carolinas and puts his all into representing his state.

The addition of actress/rapper Erica Von completes the triangle.

The Philadelphia native is known as ‘The First Lady of Mason Ent’. She is the groups secret weapon.

Her organization and leadership skills keep the group focused and on track. She also runs their social media. She is the definition of BOSS BABE.

The goal of Mason Ent is to promote local talent. To establish a place in the music world for their unique South Carolina Low Country beats. And to give back to the community that supports them.

Their members are required to attend practices and weekly meetings. They must provide content and be able to market their skills.

LB is focused on accountability. And for giving back. Members must volunteer in their community.

He told me “If you live a life where you have a platform, it’s important that you use it for something other than selfish reasons”

Mason Ent continues to grow and branch out.

Check out their social media to catch upcoming performances!



My Papaw’s Foxhole: A Lesson In Humility


My Papaw was the most decorated war veteran to ever come from our county.

He was a successful farmer that planted according to the moon. And according to his heart. While others were following the Farmers Almanac he waited. And when those farmers lost their crops from an unexpected (to them) rain or freeze, he would feed them and their families. Despite the fact that they had ridiculed him for waiting.

When neighboring farmers started planting soybeans to sell to the government he insisted on growing what he had always grown. And gave away more than he sold.

He was not only a war hero. He was a hero to the whole community. They even named a neighborhood after him.

He was also a superhero to a little girl who grew up to be the Designer Diva.

He taught me how to pick a ripe juicy watermelon.

He taught me the right way to pick fruit from a tree.

He taught me to study the moon and stars and let them guide me.

And recently, he taught me a lesson from beyond the grave.

I’ve always struggled with envy. Coveting has always been the hardest Commandment to keep.

I’ve always wanted what I don’t have. And I’ve had trouble realizing everything isn’t for me.

That event I wasn’t invited to. The promotion I didn’t get. The blogging opportunity I wasn’t even considered for.

It could be someone taking a parking spot I’d patiently waited for. Or the shoes I wanted that were sold out in my size.

We’ve all had an occasion that didn’t go as planned. A relationship that we thought would be perfect. That job we just knew we’d be perfect for.

I’ve slowly been realizing that if I were to get the little things I thought I wanted that I may miss something big that I was really supposed to be doing.

But still, I couldn’t help feeling envious. Feeling like if only I were better, younger, prettier, skinnier etc…

Last week on Veterans Day my cousins and I were discussing our beloved Papaw.

One told of a war story he recalled hearing as a boy.

During World War I my Papaw and his troop were being bombarded by artillery. He ran for cover toward a foxhole but another soldier beat him to it. He kept running until he found another one. As soon as he jumped in a shell fell directly into the hole the other man got to first and blew up right before my Papaws eyes.

Hearing this story shook me to the core. If it weren’t for that one moment I wouldn’t even exist.

As Thanksgiving approaches I’ve decided to be thankful. Thankful for missed opportunities. Thankful for closed doors. Thankful for disappointments. Thankful for unanswered prayers.

Yes, everything isn’t for me. And I’m so thankful for my Papaw’s Foxhole.

Decking the Mall with Suzanne Libfraind: The SouthPark VIP Personal Shopping Experience


Opening an email from Suzanne Libfraind is like a kid opening a gift on Christmas morning.

I just knew whatever inside was going to be spectacular!

Suzanne is the Personal Shopper for Charlotte’s upscale SouthPark mall.

I’ve previously attended her shopping events and each time she outdoes herself.

This event had a twist. Normally we gather in the center of the mall and sit as she presents us with her current favorites.

This time we were going to be on the move. Going from store to store to see what she chose from each place. It was like a fancy field trip!

After a farm fresh brunch from Gusto we started our trek through the mall.

Our first stop was only steps away. Louis Vuitton. Why not start with the most luxurious, right?

Sipping mimosas at Louis Vuitton before noon??? Yes please!! I could get use to this.

Classics such as the Keepall and the monogram wallet were favorites. She mixed in new trends such as the Initial belt and the sock shoe. And the Empreinte bag in a pop of color is perfect for the holidays. It can be worn as a ladylike shoulder bag or a cool, hip crossbody.

We moved on to one of the newest stores in the mall, Tommy John. There are only two stores in the country.

It started as a line of underwear being sold in Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. The undershirt was designed to prevent untucking.

Memory material stretches and goes back to its original state.

Comfort and versatility are the best way to describe this line. Lifestyle driven clothing.

From the breathable, lightweight underwear to the Go Anywhere Pant, comfort was the key word.

The Stay Tucked Shirt with its elastic hem and hidden snaps will be sure to please any guy on your gift list.

On to make up Heaven…Bare Minerals. Known for clean beauty, this makeup line is perfect for the ladies on your list. Or yourself.

Showcased were the Custom Brush Kit, Lashtopic Mascara(which I have used and can claim as a favorite), a 12 piece ‘Best Sellers’ collection and the Hyperglow Mask.

And the drool worthy, steal of a deal, Stellar Glow Highlighting Pallete that will find it’s way into my makeup bag soon.

This blogger turned into Buddy the Elf at the sighting of this guy. It’s Santa!!! I know him!!!

Trina Turk was a huge hit at Charlotte Fashion Week. With the launch of the Mr. Turk line, couples outfits can compliment each other for a classic look for any occasion.

Belt bags, ascots and bow ties or a ‘Mr. Ice’ ice bucket will please any dapper guy you know. The buckets are made from retired patterns. So you know they will be a chic addition to any home.

While the fashionistas will love the fuzzy alpaca slippers and leopard print beret. And everyone loves a good coffee table book.

You had me at Pumpkin loaf, champagne and shoes.

We nibbled on sweets and sipped champagne at Stuart Weitzman as we ‘oohhed’ and ‘aaahhed’ over suede sneaker shoes, knee high boots and sparkly heels.

Johnny Was….

Was what??

A good man according to the Bob Marley song that inspired the stores name. But Johnny was…anything you want him to be.

And that fits the boho chic vibe of the store.

Suede bucket bags and blankets, silk scarves, velvet joggers and more coffee table books were among the favorites.

It’s not like we were hungry again. But who’s going to turn down gourmet cuisine from Sur La Table??

As we ate small bites that had been smoked by their Smoking Box and sipped exotic coffee drinks from their JURA E8 coffee maker, we watched demonstrations of their Miyabi knives and Coravin Model 2 Wine System.

Restaurants and homes can keep bottles of wine fresh with the Coravin.

Cookbooks and cooking classes make wonderful gifts.

How are you holding up? I know this is a long blog. But we’re almost finished.

We moved on to the colorful Vera Bradley Store. They’re more than just purses. We did see purses though. Tote bags and cross bodies. As well as travel cases, pill boxes and jewelry cases.

Including a new, not yet released to the public pattern.

I even won the drawing for an item I had been eyeing for one of my daughters!

All that food, drink and holiday cheer can lead to one thing…exercise.

At Athleta we saw the latest in stylish, comfy athletic wear. As well as samples from Clean Juice and info on various cleanses.

The Cozy Karma pullover with its rose gold zipper and the Stash Pocket Salutation Tights will keep you fashionable while working off those holiday pounds.

We ended the Shopping Experience with wine and Frye.

Frye has much more than boots. Belts, socks, bags, wallets and travel kits provide an array of gift ideas. Again we see a trendy sneaker.

My favorite was the Sacha Chelsea Boot with removable harness. You can wear them with or without the harness and even switch the harnesses.

Wow, we shopped til we dropped!! But it was an amazing experience.

Coffee table books, sneakers and crossbody bags made several appearances. Along with new, unique gift ideas.

We were treated to a day of luxury by Suzanne and SouthPark Mall. We came away with generous gifts from each store as well as the mall itself.

SouthPark Mall is the goto place for your holiday shopping. They have stores from every price point.

And they are unique in the fact that they have a personal shopper.

Suzanne Libfraind will help you shop for everyday basics or an important event. Or help you pick out gifts for others. And her first session is free for up to three hours!

Contact her for your own VIP Shopping Experience.