Haute Child In The City


Have you ever looked at someone and thought “Wow!! There’s just something about them”?

And you really can’t pinpoint their age? Because they look young and impressionable, yet mature and wise at the same time.

That was the case when I first spotted model Francisco Calderon on the runway last year.

He stood out. And even though he was walking for a children’s designer, he didn’t exactly look like a child.

I was intrigued. The curious cat inside me had to find out who he was.

We connected on Instagram and he agreed to be interviewed.

This blog has been a year in the making. I finally got to sit down with him before he jetted off for New York Fashion Week.

The thirteen year old got his first taste of modeling over a year ago at a local Dillard’s Fashion Show.

That taste fueled his desire for more.

Acting, interviewing and even having his own YouTube channel are just a few of the things he’s already accomplished. But his main love is the runway.

It’s hard to remember he’s so young.

But mention the video game Fortnite and you’ll see a glimmer in his piercing dark eyes.

He then shape shifts into a typical teenager.

He loves wearing hoodies, jeans and sneakers.

And listening to rap music. His fashion icon is rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

And then in the blink of an eye he’s a mature, well versed young man, sitting across from me.

He speaks on his enviable collection of designer items.

He owns more Gucci and Louis Vuitton than most grown ups. And he introduced me to the term ‘Hype Beast’.

Now I thought I knew everything there was to know about fashion. But this new trend had escaped me. Kids are mixing labels like they’re Garanimals, creating the newest look in fashion.

If he had to describe his signature style it would be business casual. While he’s just as comfortable in blazers and jeans as he is in haute couture, his Mom describes him as a ‘Hype Beast at heart’.

He truly is a chameleon. He looks natural in any outfit, and fits easily into any environment. This has been noted by designers and photographers that know him as well.

We’ve all seen that he has ‘IT’.

It’s Fashion Week in the Carolinas starting with Charlotte and York County following.

Look for him on the runways. You will see that he’s anything but typical.

His maturity is matched only by his childlike wonderment.





YCFW: Behind the Scenes Part X-Porcelain Doll Photo Shoot


As an avid doll collector for most of my life I was excited about this photo shoot.

It would combine two of my loves…Dolls and Fashion.

The models first went through hair and makeup. Transforming them into living dolls.

The model coaches, stylists and photographers kicked their creativity into overdrive to pull off this shoot.

Watching one of our big burly photographers showing a model how to ‘sit daintily’ on a chair was hysterical. But it just shows his dedication.

We had cherub faced baby dolls.

Life size Barbie and Bratz dolls.

Can’t you just picture this doll being brought back as a souvenir from a visit to some exotic location??

And your grandmothers stunning antique porcelain doll. That you take out of its display case and pose for photos.

These models really showed their range and talent that day. And the team behind them brought us a beautiful doll collection.

We’re Here For It!!!






The Sound a Soul Makes


I’ve always believed that our souls can communicate with each other. Without anyone else hearing.

R&B singer Marcus Allen is an example of this.

He was sent to me to interview and I did so over the phone. These blogs are harder for me to do because I haven’t met and connected with my subject.

I’d heard his music. I’d experienced his voice.

Voice is a very important factor to me. I can remember it while forgetting faces and names.

The first thing he said to me was “Where are you from? I love your accent.”

I wasn’t expecting that. My strong southern twang is a source of insecurity for me.

I get mocked and asked to repeat myself frequently.

And this man actually complimented it.

Our connection was immediate. Our souls had spoken in their own language.

The interview I had dreaded was now easy and relaxed.

Marcus was thirteen and a master of beatboxing when his music teacher picked up on his talent and put him in a talent show.

His passion was born.

He has a team of writers but pens many of his own songs.

He expresses his feelings through music.

His soul connects with the world through his words.

With four albums under his belt he still is grounded. He has shared the stage with Tank, Tyrese, Angie Stone, Baby Face and Joe. He hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

The town that raised him is still ‘Home’. He goes on tour but always comes back to Summerville, South Carolina just outside of Charleston. He always makes time for his community.

He is a dedicated supporter of Kidz 4 Kidz 843, a non-profit organization focused on the urban youth in the area. Their mission is “Putting the TRUTH back in our YOUTH” and “Putting UNITY back in our COMMUNITY”.

He is motivated by the kids. They’re looking up to him. He gives them hope. He encourages them.

If he wasn’t singing he would be teaching. Which I suppose you could say he is doing now.

He’s teaching us to reach for the stars. To follow our dreams. To never give up.

I was invited to watch him perform recently when he came to Charlotte.

I witnessed him be the gentleman he was raised to be. I witnessed his selfless promotion of other people. And I witnessed his soul touch others in the room as he sang.

Marcus Allen is more than a soul singer…he is a singer with soul.