YCFW: Behind The Scenes Part IX-Back To School


School has started back up but the models for York County Fashion Week have been taking classes all summer.

Our Founder NaTasha starts each Model 101 by addressing what the class will be doing.

Each model gives their information.

Measurements are taken.

They are instructed on how to walk. Where to focus. What pace they should walk.

Photographers and designers also offer suggestions.

“You are representing the designer while you’re on the runway. You’re not just yourself out there. You are the brand you’re wearing!”

Coaches worked with everyone on their walk.

And their pose.

Modeling is hard work. It takes hours of practice and input from a whole team.

When the show is over and the crowd is cheering it’s worth every bit of it.

We’re Here For It!!





Mellow Yellow


My Daddy’s favorite color was yellow.

After he passed away I wanted to wear it as a way to feel close to him.

My hair color and skin tone make it almost impossible.

It’s one of ‘those colors’ I can’t pull off. I look like a deranged sunflower.

Browsing through Target one day, checking out their new Wild Fable collection, I was inspired by this mesh top.

Maybe if the yellow wasn’t so predominate I could get by with it.

I paired it with one of Target’s basic yellow V-neck T-shirts and some black and white striped wide leg pants, also from Wild Fable.

I found a pair of yellow slides from the A New Day line and my outfit was complete.

With the exception of my YSL Blogger bag my entire outfit is from Target.

Never say you can’t wear something. There’s always a way!



Splish Splash and Lots of Sass


Last Saturday was kids day on the runway at Hilton Charlotte University Place.

Charlotte Seen presented the Splish Splash Fashion Show benefitting the Giving Back Warm Hugs charity.

This charity was started by kids to benefit kids that don’t have every day necessities.

So it’s only fitting that this Charlotte Seen show would be about kids.

We were greeted by the cutest lemonade stand. The money made went to a community outreach program for area kids.

With nine showcases there were plenty of pictures to take.

There was cuteness overload with the youngest models.

And plenty of sass from the pre teen and teenagers.

From bathing suits to raincoats. Mermaid crowns and tutus. Anything that would bring delight to a child’s closet could be found.

As we left we saw some of the models being interviewed about their experience.

As usual Charlotte Seen put on a superb show.

Sassy and Classy!



Artistry in Leather: Laddie Howard


What do you consider art?

Paint on canvas? Statues made from clay? Music?

Laddie Howard of Columbia, South Carolina is a true artist.

His medium is a combination of leather and exotic skins.

And his creations are works of art.

I know Laddie from attending the Charlotte Seen fashion shows. His bags, as well as the choreography, are always a crowd pleasing portion of the shows.

I recently traveled to Columbia to attend an event he co hosted with Ron Donovan, luxury shoe designer.

I walked through the white curtained entrance into the courtyard of Laddie’s home/workshop/showroom.

Walking along the cobblestone path, past the several little niches and sitting areas, I admired the fountain and the beauty. To sit in this space has to fuel his creativity.

The smell of leather pulled me around the corner and into the workshop.

I was immediately taken back to my childhood. To the memory of an uncle who made saddles in a little shop in his backyard. He made me a small handbag that I carried forever. Perhaps that’s where my love of handbags began.

I watched as Laddie handled a piece of cobalt leather.

His hands molded it into a beautiful piece of sculpture that will grace the arm of some fortunate lady and make her outfit complete.

HIs designs appeal to all. From clutches to cigar cases, there’s something for everyone.

Unisex pieces include messenger and duffle bags, bracelets and backpacks.

I then crossed into a world of elegance. Indulgence. Luxury.

His workshop opened up into a showroom that will put even the finest boutiques and department stores to shame.

His motto is “Style is something that is built and expressed over time…not something you get on a shopping spree.”

Seeing his bags paired with shoe designs from Ron Donavan was aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

It was as if their creative minds worked in unison.

I was then treated to a glass of wine and a conversation with the artist in his wine cellar/bar area.

It was a delight to be in this world.

I eventually had to leave the real life fantasy world and return home to Charlotte.

I took with me memories of a day of being in the presence of two intelligent, dapper, creative gentleman.

And my very own L.Howard Artistry In Leather handbag.

Art takes on different forms. If you open your mind and look at the world around you, perhaps you will find it.



Making my way downtown….


I’ve been a frequent visitor to Rock Hill since working with York County Fashion Week.

I’m discovering more and more of the quaintness of this town with each visit.

Our recent photo shoot was at the Historic White Home.

A place so rich in history I was mesmerized.

A tour of this fine old gal is a must.

After the shoot I wandered around a bit. Since the location was right off downtown I decided to take a stroll.

Picket fences and corner stones add detail to an already charming street.

Store windows lend a retro vibe.

I enjoyed a croissant at Amelie’s. One of my favorite spots in Charlotte is also in Rock Hill.

I heard the undeniable sound of water. I followed the sound and came upon Fountain Park.

It was much more than a fountain though. It was a recital. And the water drops were the dancers.

They moved in unison as they put on the perfect show.

I suggest you hop in your car for a day trip to Rock Hill. Walk around. Stop and smell the roses. Eat the croissant.





#TBT: Throw Back Target


Target has been killing it this year with their fashion.

The Who What Wear collection gave Target a much needed nod from the fashion world.

The addition of A New Day and Universal Thread has made Target highly coveted among bloggers and on Instagram.

Today marks the launch of their newest in house line Wild Fable. My friend Reagan and I stopped by to check things out.

The new line will be more focused on trends.

Their launch brings the 90’s back with a bang!

Camo joggers in the parachute materiel and fur trimmed bags scream 1990.

Polo shirt dresses that can be paired with sneakers.

Plaid pants lend a vintage preppy feel.

And who didn’t love their Caboodle??? Great for storing makeup or jewelry. These will be a definite hit.

If you’re ‘Clueless’ about fashion (see what I did there?) don’t worry. These vintage inspired pieces can easily mix and match. They represent an era where fashion had no rules and boundaries were pushed to the limit.

These bags pay homage to the skater boy trend that was born almost thirty years ago. Yeah, let that sink in Millennials.

I’m loving the Gucci vibe this bag is giving.

Beware of the return of the acid washed jeans. Not just any jean. But the high waisted mom jean.

Crop tops will have you singing along with Brittney Spears songs.

Logo trucker hats are also popular.

Color blocking, windbreakers and satin gym shorts are a true throw back.

No outfit was complete without a choker.

Don’t forget your mood ring.

Remember the grunge phase? Floral dresses, flannel shirts and Doc Martins were goto outfits.

These are two of my favorite pieces. I rocked berets before Prince made them cool.

And the checkerboard bag is too cute.

Put on the movie Clueless, tease you hair up extra big and head to your local target and check out The Wild Fable Collection.

Head over to Reagan’s blog to see her favorites from the collection



YCFW: Behind The Scenes Part VIII- Picture Perfect


Modeling is easy right? They just stand there looking pretty. And all the photographer has to do is click the camera. What’s so hard about that???

Wrong….so very wrong!!!!

So much goes into getting that one perfect shot.

Models are hoisted into trees!

Photographers do whatever it takes to get the perfect angle.

They also do double duty a lot. Sometimes steaming the wrinkles out of dresses.

Models stand patiently while the tiniest of details are attended to.

Every shot is checked and double checked for lighting, angles and closed eyes.

There’s also the notion that models never eat.

And that they’re always graceful.

I’m learning more and more along the way. I’m seeing that models are real people just like me.

They put in a lot of hard work.

And photographers do so much more than just click away on their cameras. They transport heavy equipment. They work against time and light to get just the right shot.

They know the importance of angles and shadows.

The stylists spend hours putting together the perfect combination of clothing. Through trial and error they eventually produce what the public will see. They are representing the designers and the boutiques in the best possible way.

The next time you see that ‘Perfect Picture’ just remember everything it took to get it.

And behind every Perfect Picture is always the ‘Perfect Team’

We’re Here For It!!!