Growing Watermelons


Anyone who has ever planted watermelon seeds knows the vine will crawl across the ground at an alarming rate, reaching up to 20 feet!

How does such a large vine come from one tiny seed?

Such a seed was planted in the mind of Spencena Antwanette over ten years ago.

From that seed came two children’s books, two adult books, various college degrees and numerous nonprofit organizations.

Her first book follows a little boys adventures as his watermelon vine produces more than he ever imagined.

Much like Spencena. From that first book she has helped so many.

She’s experienced being homeless. Domestic violence. And single motherhood.

But she didn’t become a statistic. Or a victim.

She became an advocate for children that have no voice in the world.

She’s earned an Associates in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelors in Early Childhood Development and a Masters in Psychology.

She went on to write a second children’s book.

This book chronicles children’s experiences in the foster care system. Each chapter starts the same but has different endings.

One scenario has a child removed and placed back in the home. Another has the child removed and placed with a relative. The last scenario has the child removed from home permanently and adopted.

The world needs a book like this. Children going through the system as well as classmates and peers of the child need to fully understand what they’re going through.

Spencena also found working on adult books as a way to heal. They are a testimonial and very motivational.

She started the Prayer of Salvation Ministries. A non profit that has branched out.

A learning center, affordable housing, helping the homeless, daycare and learning center to name a few.

That tiny seed God planted in the head of Spencena Antwanette has grown and flourished and fed so many.

Like a vine. Growing from a single seed.


YCFW Behind The Scenes Part VII: Where Are All The Models???


A fashion show shoot without models???? What???

Yes….No models.

It was time for the York County Fashion Week Team to get decked out and shine for the cameras.

Everyone….the founder, director, model coaches, assistants, etc….. Even the blogger.

We gathered at The historic Hightower Hall in Mconnells, South Carolina.

We were instructed to wear navy or plum formal attire.

Several did double duty

Model coaches became photgraphers assistants.

Videographers became stylists.

We looked fabulous.

So much fierceness in one picture.

I tried to replicate their look but I just scared the photographer.

Another new experience for me on this behind the scenes journey.

And one step closer to the first ever York County Fashion Week!!!


The Littlest Engine


About a year ago I became aware of the little bundle of energy known as Ayeeedubb in Charlotte’s Hip Hop Seen.

The local well known radio personality was popping up at events all over Charlotte.

On the surface she’s a sassy, street smart, larger than life persona.

But I had a feeling there was more to her than meets the eye.

Arranged by our mutual friend IV Montana, our meeting was bittersweet. The young lady I’d wanted to meet for so long was leaving town a couple of days later. Starting a new job and new life in South Bend Indiana.

Alex gained most of her following while in college. She was pursuing a degree in Biology Education and later a BA in Human Resources. But by night she was building a huge social media following.

She began taking newspaper and TV elective classes.

All this led to her internship at a local radio station.

And ‘Ayeeedubb’ was born.

After the internship ended she was sure she’d be offered a position at the station. But it didn’t happen. She was persistent and eventually landed a weekend gig.

Watching other people get favorable time slots and being passed over time after time was daunting.

She worked Part time for over three years. Taking on odd jobs and side hustles to get by.

But she never gave up. Rejection fueled her desire to succeed.

“God will give you the time….” she told me.

She hit a recent low when she was let go from the station she’d called home. The station all her social media followers helped build up due to her presence.

But she quickly realized her worth.

She went after her dream job. Charlotte’s loss is South Bend’s gain.

But I can still watch her latest #AwSnap video(I low key LOVE these) on her IG.

Her followers are still behind her 100%. And she’s gaining more each day.

She has a one year contract and considers this her ‘Growth Year’.

I see a lot of myself in Alex. Her determination inspires me.

She’s not just the Little Engine That Could.

She’s The Little Engine That Did.