YCFW Behinds The Scenes Part VI: Up Up and Away


I watched as the stylist adjusted every little detail on the models until they were happy with the look. The hair and makeup team did a flawless job. And the model coaches were giving last minute advice.

It was time to hit the runway.

But not their normal runway.

It was time for the official York County Fashion Week promotional shoot and their stage was the York County Airport runway.

Being surrounded by private jets, photographers and models sounds so glamorous right????


It was the middle of June….in South Carolina…..on an asphalt runway…..for three hours!!!!

It was HOT!!! There were GNATS!!!

Fortunately the team came prepared. Towels for wiping the sweat off the models. And sunscreen and Off were used just as much as makeup and hairspray.

Despite the heat I was excited for this new venture. Seeing what all goes into a professional photo shoot blew my mind.

So many pictures of what seems like the exact same pose at first. But as I watched I noticed slight variations in each shot.

The photographers and model coaches molded the models like clay. Creating beautiful still shots.

I got to help some of the photographers and I even got to suggest some poses!!!

We have such an incredible team. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I can look back on York County’s very first fashion week and say “I was a part of that!”






Treble in Paradise 🎼


I can never forget an episode of The Voice where I heard a soulful rendition of ‘Son of A Preacher Man’.

It was sung so fervently that one would forget the songs original vocalist.

Fast forward a few years. My friend IV Montana told me he’s directing a video and wanted to know if I’d like to meet the artist.

Imagine my delight when I realized I was sitting across from that voice!!! Bindi Liebowitz, The voice from The Voice! The singer who’d touched my soul years ago with one of my favorite songs.

After composing myself from a major fan girl moment I started my interview.

I noted she doesn’t have a set genre for her music. That is a deliberate choice dictated by her voice and how she feels about each song.

She grew up in New Jersey listening to Motown.

At age 14 her mother sent her to a school for performing arts.

At her moms urging she went to college and majored in communications. It always makes us mamas happy when our kids have degrees.

I know an old soul when I see one. So I found my connection with her in many ways.

She’s very spiritual. Taking the name Bindi after wearing one every day. It reminds her that she is on a journey and has a purpose in life.

The biggest obstacle in her career came when her mother battled cancer. Not once, but twice. The strong woman that raised her was weakened by the heartless disease.

Bindi withdrew. She stopped singing. But her mother pushed her.

She finished college and continued her career.

She ended up on Season 11 of The Voice. A launching pad for her career.

It opened many doors. One of those doors brought her to Charlotte.

As our conversation grew deeper we discovered our mutual love of butterflies. And slowly realized why our paths had crossed.

Her story, tho far from over, is an inspiration to me. To everyone.

She left me with these words. “We shouldn’t pray for wealth or fame….Pray that you can do the thing you love.”




YCFW Behind The Scenes Part V: Promo Photo Shoot


The models have been chosen. The designers have signed on. Now it’s time for us to start promoting hard core.

The first step is the promotional photo shoot.

These pics, videos etc will be a major part of York County Fashion Week advertising.

Held at York County Regional Airport, the theme will be “Party Scene”.

The team was instructed to wear our YCFW T-shirt’s but to dress it up.

Being the fashionable crew that we are I’m sure we won’t have a problem doing that.

I’m looking forward to this next exciting chapter in my journey. To see an ad and be able to say “I helped do that!”

Stay tuned for the Behind The Scenes promotional photo shoot blog!!!

We’re here for it!!!!




Charlotte International Fashion Week: Fashions Finest Hours


There are fashion shows and then there are FASHION SHOWS!

Anthony Simons, creator of Plitz Fashion, produces nothing but the best when it comes to his events. Charlotte’s fashion elite came out in full force to show support for one of their own.

Held at Mint Museum Uptown, we were greeted with women in gorgeous gowns that spilled down the museum steps.

It was only a hint at what was in store for us.

The dapper Ryan Jor El was the perfect host.


Bold citrus and jewel tones were prevalent.

There was creamy dreamy elegance.

As well as takes on the classic little black dress.

Black and white combos made a major presence on the runway.

Boxing ring meets bling was a major hit with these fun designs from Emuleos.

I’ve been an admirer of designer Koko Nanga for a few years. She brings her African heritage to the runway with her unique designs.

Underwood NY provided eye candy for the crowd with his men’s summer line.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Malou Cordery a few years ago and I have to say her designs reflect her internal as well as external beauty. Her pieces are truly works of art. You can spend hours looking at a piece and see something different each time.

Anthony presented several members of Charlotte Fashion Royalty with awards for their diligent dedication to fashion in the Queen City.

Special thanks to Eyepopphoto for this photo. http://www.eyepopphoto.com/

Joesph McRae closed the show with an air of mystery with his statement pieces.

From making sure the venue had everything in place before it started to rolling up the backdrop when it was over (as well as coming out and taking pics on his cellphone) Anthony worked tirelessly to bring us this show.

It was truly one of fashions finest hours.












YCFW Behind The Scenes Part IV: It’s a Boutique Crawl Y’all!


They woke up like this right??

This was after three stops and seven hours of YCFW’s first Boutique Crawl.

These young ladies had a full day of visiting different boutiques/stores, hair and makeup, coaching session, photo shoots and interviews.

And I was along for the ride. And once again, I’m bringing my readers along with us.

Our first stop was a boutique in York, SC. But as soon as we all arrived we received word that the owner had a medical emergency.

Our founder NaTasha immediately put plan B into motion. In less than ten minutes she arranged for the girls to take over the Jr clothing section of the Target in Rock Hill, SC.

The models were instructed to pick an outfit fitting their personality. They would later be interviewed and asked to explain their choices and why they were drawn to them.

The next stop was Southern Charm also in Rock Hill.

This beautiful venue will be host to our upcoming shows in October.

Despite the sweltering South Carolina heat, the models went through hair and makeup flawlessly.

Michel’le, one of our model coaches and Ken our director worked with the girls on their walks and poses.

When asked to show her runway walk, the youngest proceeded to take off skipping. Such a precious moment. Why can’t we all skip down the runway of life??

We wrapped up at that venue with Ken interviewing the young ladies about their outfits. Why they chose them. How they feel on. How they feel about the upcoming shows.

Then we were on the road again headed to Simply Jane Formals in Tega Cay.

The girls that goofed around and giggled their way thru the day were magically transformed into graceful beauties worthy of a Disney Princess.

They couldn’t have done a better job choosing their own gowns.

Even our fearless leader NaTasha played dress up.

The day finally came to an end. Another new experience under my belt.

I’m learning so much. We see the finished result when we attend fashion shows. But there’s so much going on leading up to that.

And things don’t always run smoothly. And the models aren’t always ‘on’. And things don’t always fit. And I’m there to document it all.

When something doesn’t fit you improvise!

When a loud plane goes over during an interview you have take 2….or 3…..or 5…..

And then there are the moments when girls are being girls

Cell phones are a girls best accessory.

There were the moments I captured when they didn’t know I was watching.

Those precious moments where the girls were being themselves. They were just glowing.

I took on this project to gain knowledge. But also to pass that knowledge along to my readers.

The next time you watch a fashion show just remember how much actually went into the making.

We’re Here for It!!!



YCFW Behind The Scenes Part III: The Boutique Crawl


Another week closer to York County Fashion Week in October and another meeting under my belt.

This weeks subject was the upcoming Boutique Crawl.

First of all what is a ‘Boutique Crawl’? Is it like a Pub Crawl? (Which is a glorified millennial term for bar hopping).

Well kind of, but not really.

Although we will be ‘drinking in the lovely fashions’ we will only be drunk off all the amazing outfits we will see.

So what will actually be happening?

Ok, most of the models have been chosen.

A lot of designers and boutiques have been signed.

The Boutique Crawl is when the team goes from location to location viewing what they will be showing in October. About three or four per Crawl.

We will see which model will wear which outfit. How it will be styled etc.

This is the first of many leading up to the actual event.

Once again I’m learning how much actually goes into the fabulous shows I’ve attended.

We’re Here for It!!!


Unique Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day is fast approaching. I’m bringing you 10 gift ideas sure to make dad happy.

Most dads will insist they don’t need anything. And they end up with yet another tie.

Don’t buy him a tie…..

Unless it comes from the first spot on my list.

1. The House of LeMond

Anything and everything from LeMond!

You can’t go wrong with clothing or home choices. Guaranteed to make dad Dapper!!


2. Teri Joy Photography.

Book a photo session for dad. She’s the queen of candid shots. Capture the true essence of your dad while he’s doing some of his favorite things. Whether he’s swinging a golf club or sitting in his recliner watching tv, Teri will nail it every time.


3. L. Howard Leather Goods

Every piece is hand made. From travel bags to cigar cases, the attention to detail is amazing.


4. Royal Oils Grooming Company

Men who take pride in their appearance will find everything they need here.


5. Chinó Arté by Wayne

Your dad is not boring so why should his clothes be? These unique designs will help him stand out in the crowd.


6. Megan Dunbar Photography

Kids don’t let dads have boring walls! Megan takes such amazing shots. Whether they’re in his office or his man cave, the walls will make a statement!


7. Rook and King

Let dads personality shine through with these uniques and creative lapel pins.


8. I’MAGE Consulting

Treat dad to a makeover! Let Eugene choose a few outfits or craft a complete wardrobe. Dad will look and feel too cool for school 😎.


9. Black Fathers Rock T

This movement was created by Ryan Jor El to change the narrative and dispel the notion that all black Fathers are absent. By purchasing him a T Shirt dad can show the world that he ROCKS! Or that he supports the cause!


10. Fashion and Fatherhood Book.

This item is also brought to you by Ryan Jor El. Ryan is serious about fatherhood. So it’s only fitting he’s in this blog twice.

This book details how he merged dressing fashionably with becoming a father.

Also why you shouldn’t wear cashmere in the delivery room!


There you have it. My top ten pics for Unique Father’s Day gifts.

Doesn’t dad deserve something special? After all, he’s put up with you all these years!