Ladies Who Brunch


‘Twas the month before Christmas, When all thru the mall, all the ladies were brunching, and having a ball.

There was fashion and food and holiday decor, that left all of us yearning for more.

The Charlotte Observer recently hosted a holiday brunch in the center court of Southpark Mall, that spoiled and pampered each guest.

Reid’s Fine Foods provided a delicious selection from their brunch menu.

Of course no brunch is complete without drinks!

We were treated to three demonstrations to help us through the holiday season.

Stylist and Fashion Insider Stacee Michelle got it started with holiday fashion. “”Tis the sequins” was her theme.

Sequins and fur and lamé…..oh my!!!

Chef James Loftus treated us to a cheese board demonstration.

He suggests serving 3-5 cheese selections with varying boldness profiles, brought out of the fridge about an hour before guest arrive.

Display on a marble or wood board with arugula as a garnish. Cured meats, pickled veggies and nuts add color and variety. Finishing up with basic and flavored crackers and jams or even a honeycomb complete the masterpiece. 

Southpark Stylist Suzanne Libfraind brought us decorating ideas for Hanukkah, Kwanza and Christmas.

She gave ideas for the ever important Hostess gifts.

As if the morning wasn’t fabulous enough there were also giveaways supplied by Southpark merchants. This Diva even won a couple of great prizes!

No holiday event is complete without the Big Guy himself.

Santa stopped by to spread even more holiday cheer.

Everyone left with a swag bag from Sugarfina and lots of holiday cheer!


Living the Weirdope Life


While attending a Fashion Genesis show recently I was particularly drawn to works of one of the designers. 

The symbol he chose really had me thinking. I knew I had to meet this young man and find out more about his designs. 

After the show I introduced myself to Maurice Crowell, creator of Weirdope Life. 

My first question was the basis for the symbol that drew me in. He explained that the eye inside of the mouth symbolizes the power we have over our lives. We visualize what we want and we speak it upon our lives. Then we watch it happen. 

When I heard this I knew why I was drawn to his designs. Everything I’ve accomplished in the past five years was from my faith in the power of the tongue. Speaking it into existance. I knew immediately he was someone meant to cross my path. 

He explained that Weirdope means to unapologetically be who you are. Not being afraid to stand out. 

We live in world where most people strive to be like everyone else. His vision is to live in a world where being different is praised. 

His mission is to inspire and motivate others to make their dreams a reality. Speak it upon your life and watch it happen.

Everyone knows the DesignerDiva LOVES to stand out. And I dream big and wait for those dreams to come true.

Well what do you know! I’ve been living the Weirdope Life all along.

Moving and Manolos 


Moving day.

Two little words that represent so many emotions. Anticipation, fear, dread, excitement, just to name a few.

Since I was moving to a third floor apartment with no elevator, I of course would have movers. But did I really trust another person with my beloved wardrobe??

I was excited to have a full walk in closet to fill. And filling it would be no problem. I have ALOT of clothes. And shoes. And bags.

Visions of lost shoes and ripped clothing played over and over thru my mind. Handbags falling off the moving truck and being ran over. As irrational as my fears were, I just couldn’t risk it. I love my stuff. I’d move it myself.

Each day after work I’d take a load from the old place, drive thirty minutes and lug it up three flights of stairs.

I did this for a month. And yes I did utter the words “I have too many clothes and shoes” a few times. Don’t worry. I didn’t mean it. It was just a brief moment of insanity.

Little by little my closet came together. I found items I’d completely forgotten I owned. Some that have gone in and out of fashion a couple of times. And some I’d been looking for aimlessly.

My entire wardrobe is visible to me now. No more hiding and digging for outfits. My shoes have their own place of honor on the top shelf. Like a crown on a Queen.

I still need to do a little arranging but for the most part my slice of Heaven is complete.

I agree Carrie….I completely AGREE!