I Scream For Ice Cream


And fro yo. And gelato. And sorbet. And non dairy ‘ice cream’. And Italian Ice. Basically any frozen goodness. 

It’s always been my favorite dessert. As well as my first word as a baby. True story! While normal parents got to hear ‘mama’ or ‘dada’ mine were having to spell ice cream so I wouldn’t launch into an ice cream induced hissy fit. It worked for awhile. However I quickly learned what they were spelling. And so my love affair with ice cream began.

I would impatiently wait on my front porch on a hot summer day as my grandmother cranked the old timey ice cream maker. 

While that homemade version will always be the best in my opinion, we live in a world of instant gratification. And Charlotte is full of wonderful little ice cream shops. My plan is to visit them all!

There are, of course, many chain stores. Baskin Robbins, Brusters, Carvels, Pinkberry to name a few. But I’ve found so many independent shops along my journey.

Several Charlotte neighborhoods have ice cream within walking distance. Golden Cow, Two Scoops and Elizabeth Creameries are charming additions to the areas.

 Pikes Soda shop is a blast from the past. As well as being featured in the movie ‘Shallow Hal’. It also takes you back to the good old days of soda jerks and sharing a sundae with your beau. And the Tequila flavored ice cream from Michoacana’s is a must try!

Atrisen makes an amazing non dairy Ecuadorian gelato that’s so creamy you’d never guess it’s not ice cream. And the Asian shaved ice Snow Fluff also offers vegan options.

Young and old alike will enjoy watching their ice cream being made at  Jolly Rolls. The mix is poured onto a cold slab and scraped into ‘rolls’.  And I’m always on the hunt for a King of Pops sighting around town. 

Wow, this blog is a lot longer than I thought it would be. I guess I’ve eaten ALOT of ice cream. And there’s even more out there for me to try. 

What’s your favorite place? If I’ve not named it then I want to try it 🍦