Spring Trends


The word ‘trend’ makes me a bit apprehensive. While I want to be fashionable and trendy I do not want to invest money on items that will only last one season. 

Thankfully there are several trends from last spring that are being reflected in this season’s fashions. 

White denim is returning for another season. Making me glad I took the plunge and finally added a pair of white jeans to my wardrobe. 

Your feet will be happy to know that those chunky heels you bought last year can still be worn. And the cold shoulder tops that lend a little sexiness to any body type are here for another season. 

We can still wear our bright colors. And those lightweight bombers that pull any outfit together are not going away. 

Buying trendy items are hit or miss. These are just a few of the Spring Trends that are echoing 2016.

So reach into your closet and pull those items out for another season!