Bagpipes and Shortbread


Living in the diverse city of Charlotte for the past three years I’ve attended festivals celebrating many different cultures. It wasn’t until recently that I attended one celebrating my own heritage. 

The annual Celtic Festival is hosted at the historic Latta Planatation located just north of Charlotte. 

There were bagpipes and Scottish dancers. Beer and shortbreads and foods of my forefathers. ( If you don’t know what haggis is, be glad. Don’t google it. Trust me)

There were war reinactments and fairies. And I even received a print of my grandmother’s coat of arms. 

My favorites were of course the bagpipes. And a father with his wee little lad in matching kilts.

I’m proud of my strong Scotch/Irish heritage. And enjoyed the memories this festival brought back. 

Next year I hope you’ll check it out. And learn about Celtic ways. Just don’t eat the haggis lol. 

Erin Go Bragh 


Finding My Perfect Fit


Recently, Banana Republic held a ‘Find Your Perfect Fit’ event. Stylist Beth Scrimgeour and Marjory Brifil from the South Park Mall store in Charlotte approached local influencers for styling sessions.

I was thrilled to be chosen!  We were going to receive a pair of pants of our choice for participating! Then the fear set in. I’m so self conscious of my bottom half. What if nothing fit??? What if nothing looked good on me me??? And oh my, what if I busted the zipper out of a pair????

My journey took place over two days and I had the opportunity to work with both of these wonderful stylists.

Marjory immediately quashed my fears. Each pair she brought me not only fit well but were also flattering!! I was amazed at what these ‘magic pants’ did for me.

I went from thinking I’d just take whatever pair that would fit to not being able to decide which ones I wanted! So I returned the next day to work with Beth. More amazing options were presented by her.

So I did the unthinkable. My anxiety over my body image subsided and I posted pictures of myself in every pair on Instagram for my followers to help me decide.

Eventually I chose The Ryan Pant in grey. They are so classy and so flattering. They even altered them because I’m so short.

This experience was more than a Pants Journey. It was a self esteem journey as well. My advice to my readers is, if possible, work with a stylist. They won’t steer you wrong. They are there to make you look and feel fabulous!

Check out my Instagram Designerdiva1103 to follow my ‘Pants Journey.’ And the next time you walk past a Banana Republic stop by and experience your own journey. And be sure to tell me about your ‘Banana Pants’!

Happy Shopping!!!