Merry Christmas!!!


Christmas celebrations are different in every family. Some cook a huge meal on Christmas Day. Some spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traveling from house to house visiting family and friends.

In our family, the tradition has never changed. 

Christmas Eve we have a huge feast of every imaginable snack and finger food. 24 hours of A Chistmas Story plays in the background of the chaos. 

At night we open gifts from each other. Christmas Day is reserved for ‘Santa Gifts’ 

Christmas morning, after a pancake breakfast the family sadly scatters. 

Friends and In laws are visited. Lunch and dinners are at different extended family members. Presents are loaded into the car in preparation for the next stop.

But Christmas Eve belongs to just us. It’s ‘our time’ It never changes. Others may participate, but they must tolerate our plates filled with appetizers and the occasional ‘You’ll shoot your eye out’ said  in unison with the tv. 

So what’s your family tradition? Or favorite Christmas memory? If you don’t have one maybe this is the year to start!!

Merry Christmas to you all!!