Cannonballs and Jellyfish: Touring Charleston through the eyes of a child 


img_0421Charleston is by far my favorite city. After visiting several times I decided to take some younger family members along.

Traveling with children is an adjustment to say the least. But trying to get them to embrace the city’s rich history in the same way I do was proven impossible.
After finally prying them away from the beach we went downtown to the City Market and the surrounding shops.
Trying to explain the history of the City Market was interrupted with “I want a kite” “I want to ride a horse” “look a whole store full of moon pies!”

Moving on to The Battery. The boys were not impressed by Rainbow Row as they would not have liked to live in ‘those girl houses.’

Looking out into the ocean at Fort Sumter briefly kept their interest until they saw the jellyfish. Lots and lots of jellyfish. Just like on SpongeBob. I have to admit I was slightly fascinated as well.

And then they spotted the cannons. They heard nothing I said after that.
Looking back I realized, they saw things from a different perspective. And after visiting several times and seeing the same places perhaps I should looks at the city the way they did.

Of course the history is interesting and important. But sometimes you just have to enjoy the little things. So the next time you travel with children, try and see things through their eyes.

Happy Traveling!