The ‘It Bag’ of Instagram


As a self proclaimed ‘bag addict’ my bag envy kicked into overdrive seeing this adorable little bag daily in my Instagram feed.

The long cross body strap, the elegant YSL logo and the tassel … oh that tassel! But the clincher for me was the name.

What ‘Blogger’ wouldn’t want a bag named after their favorite pastime?

Measuring at 4.7 x 4.5 the YSL Blogger bag holds only the essentials. The iPhone 6 fits perfectly. Add a lipstick, keys and your favorite card carrier and you’re all set. An added plus for this football loving gal is its size is ‘stadium approved’ for most SEC college stadiums.

So now you’ll find my pics in your Instagram feed! #yslbloggerbag Happy Instagramming y’all!


Happy Birthday Living La Vida Diva


One year ago today I took the plunge. After months of wanting to write a blog I finally posted my first one.Picking a name was the hardest part. Family, friends and fellow bloggers were subjected to my good and not so good ideas for a title.

My biggest fear was I would have nothing to write about. But content came easier than I anticipated.

My little blog has grown slowly in her first year. Taking workshops here and there, reading as many blogs as humanly possible and networking with other bloggers has taught me so much.

So I’m looking forward to what the next year brings. Happy First Birthday Living La Vida Diva!!