Leaves and Lattes


Happy Fall Y’all!!! Today’s the first official day of fall. But to some of us, Fall is not defined by a date on the calendar.

It could start the day your favorite coffee house serves its first Pumpkin Spice Latte. Or the day your favorite autumn scented candles hit the shelves. 

It could start the day you pull your Bean boots and blanket scarves out of storage. Or the day all the cute fall fashions are displayed in the mall windows. 

All of these things signal the beginning of Autumn to me. But what holds the most significance in the changing of the season has got to be the Fall foliage. 

Growing up, The Great Smokey Mountains was my playground. Watching the trees in those majestic hills turn from their once fresh green to dried up muted tones was never an ‘ending’ to me. It meant my favorite time of the year was upon us. 

So grab your PSL, wrap your blanket scarf around you and enjoy the season.