Kendra Scott Color Bar


Hearing the name Kendra Scott one immediately pictures probably her most well-known piece of jewelry — The Rayne necklace — with the brightly-colored stone and the gold tassels.

But did you know you could customize a piece of Kendra Scott jewelry?

Kendra Scott Color Bar allows you to pick your own stone and arrange them however you like, and the associate assembles it right there as you watch.

I recently attended a Color Bar Party hosted by fellow blogger @charlotteshopgirl and was amazed at all the options.

You start by picking your design on the color bar screen. Then you choose the stones. The associate will also arrange and rearrange each stone so you can “play” with different options.

Once your choice is made, they put the stones in place and your piece is complete!

Customized jewelry in a snap!!

A Color Bar party is perfect for a girls’ night out. A bride even hosted a party for her bridesmaids, and they created the jewelry they would wear at her wedding.

Who can resist champagne, cupcakes and jewelry?

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